Opus is an annual spiritual retreat for all young adults and the official conference of C*UUYAN. It is a space to celebrate UUism and come together in community to worship, have fun, and work on social justice projects.

“Opus is the annual spiritual retreat of C*UUYAN. Opus is an intentional community of seekers exploring liberal religion, social justice and diversity. The purpose of Opus is to foster the personal and spiritual growth of its participants through the fun and intentional formation of a strong conference community which includes C*UUYAN leadership. Through this spiritual community we nurture current leaders, inspire and empower potential leaders, and work to be a microcosm reflecting the values we strive to bring into the larger world.”

– C*UUYAN Bylaws

Watch young adults speak about why Opus is important and amazing

Opus 2013 – Fragile Strands, Strong Web

August 7-11, 2013 | Unicamp – outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The UU young adult event of the year, returns to Unicamp this summer! Opus is the annual 5 day long spiritual retreat of the Continental Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Network (CUUYAN). Unicamp is a UU summer camp, approximately 1.5 hours northwest of Toronto and has hosted Opus 3 times before.

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Why is Opus so amazing? Check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol7RhQHka50 (15 minutes, but the first 4 give you an excellent idea).

Please invite other UUs age 18-35 (or those who can connect with them) this opportunity for spiritual growth and loving community is well worth it.

Opus offers amazing fellowship, fun activities and workshops on topics of all kinds, deep, soulful, patipatory worships and a space for YAs from across the United States and Canada to get to know one another.

***Newly bridged young adutls are especially invited to consider attending Opus – its a great way to meet other YAs, get connected into the YA community and learn more about the ‘UU life after youth’

Co-Deans for Opus 2013 are Ian Corlett and Crystal-Sue Brousseau.

Have questions – give them a shout at: 2013opus@gmail.com