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ELECTIONS 2012: C*UUYAN Roles and Responsibilities

Please contact steeringcommittee@uuyan.org if you are interested in applying for any of the open positions.

We are working on a form to fill out and submit by Friday so the information can be posted here Saturday.

NOTE: The C*UUYAN Steering Committee is comprised of five members. There are three At-Large members, one GA Liaison, and a Facilitator. We have delineated more specific roles based on the current needs of the organization. Two of the roles, Opus Liaison / Conference Coordinator and GA Liaison/ Social Justice Coordinator, may be filled by the same person. These duties will be discussed with the elected individual and priorities will be decided based on the other decisions made during this meeting. Positions up for election in 2012 are noted below. Other listed positions are  for your information.

Opus liaison/Conference Coordinator - THIS POSITION IS UP FOR ELECTION

The Conference Coordinator is responsible for providing conference planning resources for local groups hosting conferences. These resources can include negotiation of micro loans, general advice, introductions to local chaplains, advise on space negotiation and insurance information, worship and workshop guides, access to curriculum, menu advice, and more.

The conference coordinator is also responsible for communication between C*UUYAN and groups planning OPUS and ConCentric. Once a planning group is identified it is the duty of the conference Coordinator to act as OPUS liaison. It is in the purview of this role to oversee the creation of a spiritually alive, justice centered, radically inclusive OPUS community. This may entail working with the OPUS planning committee on a covenant, a right relations committee, leadership training, chaplin acquisition, educational workshops, and social justice events at OPUS. While it is not the sole job of the OPUS liaison to plan these events/training/resources, it is his/her duty to ensure that the community is open and inclusive both culturally and socially, dedicated to justice, and that it preserves sacred space and time.

Other Duties:

  • The OPUS liaison is responsible for distributing and beginning the selection process for finding an OPUS planning committee.
  • Leads C*UUYAN in selecting the next OPUS planning team
  • OPUS Liaison is sometimes part of the planning committee or may take on large role at OPUS such as the dean, or workshop coordinator.
  • Be in communication with the OPUS planning team and report all relevant information/documentation back to C*UUYAN
  • Providing documentation from conference planning groups to C*UUYAN, including important details such as the budget, insurance information and marketing strategy
  • Calls votes for decisions relevant to OPUS planning, such as budget confirmation and allocation of scholarship funds.
  • Helps with OPUS staff recruitment – especially chaplains
  • Assists with conference advertising
  • Coordinates with the OPUS planning team and the C*UUYAN moderator to plan the business meeting
  • Coordinates with C*UUYAN and the workshop coordinator to plan the leadership training workshop
  • Provides the OPUS planning team with any past budgets, menus, advertising plans, scholarship application form, and registration forms that may be useful in the planning of this year’s OPUS.
  • Helps to oversee registration and scholarship selection.

GA Liaison / Social Justice Coordinator – THIS POSITION IS UP FOR ELECTION

The GA liaison/social justice coordinator’s main responsibility is to plan one large social justice/prophetic witness action for young adults at each general assembly. They are also responsible for all communication with the young adult GA planning team.

Other Duties:

  • Keep abreast of social justice issues that Standing on the Side of love and the UUSC are working on
  • Communicate with and provide support for local young adult social justice action
  • Help plan the social justice action at OPUS
  • Teach one workshop dealing with justice education at OPUS



Incumbent: Alexis Ettner (Alexis is eligible for one more two year term) 

The main role of the technology manager is to keep digital systems functioning and well organized for the group. This includes holding the administrator account at Dreamhost (our current server and registrar) to maintaining web hosting and domain registration, ensuring both get paid for in a timely manner, and troubleshooting any issues with hosting and domains. This also includes maintaining the Google Groups accounts as administrator; creating new email addresses for new members and managing or deleting those of former members, providing troubleshooting to members, keeping digital documents organized and accessible, and creating / managing shared calendars. The role also includes managing the website (currently a WordPress site installed on a shared Dreamhost server) as the administrator and creating pages and other website elements as needed, as well as managing user accounts and posting / editing permissions.

Other Duties:

  • Properly formatting all documents that get uploaded to the public website
  • Scanning and editing all historical, paper documents into PDFs
  • Maintaining other accounts (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook)
  • General upkeep of digital files – periodically sorting, organizing & occasionally renaming to make documents clearly accessible for other members
  • Taking minutes at all C*UUYAN meetings, or finding a replacement if absence is necessary
  • Posting meeting minutes in a timely manner to the public website
  • Moderating comments on the website
  • Scheduling and coordinating ConCentric – as long as it remains in a digital, online format


Treasurer/Fundraising coordinator – THIS POSITION IS UP FOR ELECTION

The treasurer is in charge of managing all C*UUYAN money as well as creating and maintaining C*UUYAN annual budget. This main function of this position is not only managerial but visionary. A budget is a statement of principles. What do we spend our resources on? This position works with all the members to iron out what is essential to their role. This role also coordinates all fundraising efforts, manages gifts to C*UUYAN, and creates and maintains relationships with possible donors whether they be congregations, institutions, or individuals.

Other Duties:

  • Managing the C*UUYAN bank account
  • Creating and maintaining the annual budget
  • Submitting financial reports to C*UUYAN steering committee members
  • Depositing all incoming money
  • Dispensing all approved outgoing money
  • Communicating with all C*UUYAN steering committee members about what is possible/challenging to accomplish with our current resources and brainstorming about ways to increase resources/decrease spending of resources
  • Initiating and managing all fundraising efforts, pledge drives, and donor asks


Filled by Julie Brock through 2013 (Julie is eligible for a second 2 year term.)

The facilitator is responsible for guiding the C*UUYAN steering committee. This includes creating agendas and facilitating meetings, as well as setting the tone of the conversations. The facilitator is an effective mediator, and calls members to respect the covenant and work in love and harmony with one another.Other Duties:

  • Signing checks for deposit to the C*UUYAN fund held by the UUA
  • Moderating conflict in the group or between the group and outside community

PR and Marketing Manager

Filled by Kelly Rauch until 2013 (Kelly is eligible for a second 2 year term)

The PR manager is the public face of C*UUYAN. This person’s role is to communicate with the communities we serve and the first to interact with folks who want to be in touch and involved with C*UUYAN.

Other Duties:

  • Write blogs, edit newsletter, and generally be in charge of all broad based outgoing C*UUYAN communication
  • Respond to direct inquiries – moderate the C*UUYAN steering committee account
  • Send out letters of invitation to be in relationship to District/Cluster/Congregational groups
  • Be the point person for conversation with the YaYA office.


The primary role of the C*UUYAN Observer to the UUA Board of Trustees is to liaison between C*UUYAN and the Board. This position is essential to the vitality of C*UUYAN because it allows the Steering Committee to be aware of the internal activities of our denomination and it promises that the needs and ministry of UU Young Adults will be present at any Board discussion. The primary duty is to attend all in-person meetings and, when appropriate, conference calls, web sessions, and other meetings (approximately 2 in-person Board meetings per year and many more conference calls)

Other duties:

  • Keep the C*UUYAN Steering Committee updated on Board initiatives and decisions, as they are relevant to the needs and ministry of UU Young Adults via reports after each meeting
  • Advocate for UU Young Adults ministry and needs during all Board sessions
  • Form and develop relationships will UUA Staff and Board members to identify potential Young Adult ministry allies and create relationships between C*UUYAN and the mentioned groups
  • Form and develop relationships with the Youth Observer to the Board and seek to create initiatives between C*UUYAN and UU Youth Organizations/Groups

ConCentric Announcement: http://tinyurl.com/cwoj3pu

Registration: http://tinyurl.com/8plkys2

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