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Facebook Schmacebook – we need your opinion!

by: Kelly Rauch
on behalf of the CAYAN* Steering Committee (what’s that, you ask? Check out the previous post.)

There is change afoot everywhere in Unitarian Universalism. That’s ok. There’s some things that really need to change to serve the needs of the folks who want to stay connected to their faith.

The UU Young Adult Steering Committee is working hard on changes to better serve the community we have served for years. For one, knowing and owning who we are and why it is important that we exist at all. For another, knowing who our community is and how we can help you stay connected to your faith in ways that work best for you.
I’m simultaneously fascinated, excited and overwhelmed by the amount of change going on in how we communicate with each other. Contrary to how I deal with fashion(just doin’ my own thing), I usually like to wait until technology has become popular before I use it, because having something without having anyone to share it with isn’t very fun and doesn’t seem to be worth my time. I’ll just have to learn something else next month.
I want to find something where I can reliably reach the people I want to reach. It can be simple, I just want it to do the job. I also recognize the importance of innovation and change to improve the products we use for communication. So I keep informed the best I can and I listen to the friends who get all excited about digging into why one method is better than another.
I also wonder about how many of us still read newspapers and magazines. It’s hard for me to slow down long enough to read the UUWorld. Even now that I am subscribed to the email newsletter for UUWorld, my inbox gets so much “important” stuff that I skip through most of it. When I do take a little time to read a story, or there’s a link on Facebook, with a little commentary by a friend, I marvel at the ideas circulating now. It’s at those times that I want to go back and read it all – I feel I can never keep up with it. With the help of some very smart colleagues though, I’m finding more balance between my all or nothing tendencies.
The most important thing, though, is that our message gets to the people who need it, and the only people who can tell me if that’s happening are the people out there looking for UU Young Adult news.
That’s YOU.
So today I really just want to know –
How do you get your information about Young Adult goings on? Facebook? Email? Google Reader? The Newsletter from the Youth and Young Adult office? The blue boat blog? Twitter?
Let me know in the comments below!

*CAYAN is the proposed new name for C*UUYAN. Official action on this proposal will be taken at the ConCentric 2012 business meeting in Honeywell, Ontario during this year’s Opus. If you have ideas and enthusiasm around making this meeting as accessible as possible to those not able to be there in person, please email steeringcommittee@uuyan.org

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