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Final agenda for ConCentric 2012

ConCentric 2012 Webinar Agenda

5 pm: Opening Blessing/Chalice Lighting (Five Minutes)
5:05pm: Verification of Quorum (Five Minutes)
5:10 pm: Welcome and Update from Carey McDonald – Director of the UUA Youth and Young Adult Office (Ten Minutes)
5:20 pm: Explanation of Webinar procedure (Ten Minutes)
5:30 pm: State of the Network Address (15 minutes)
5:45 pm: Motion to Ratify 2011 bylaw changes – VOTE (20 Minutes)
6:05 pm: Motion to become a Voluntary Organization – VOTE (20 Minutes)
6:25 pm: Motion to choose a direction and goals for the next year -VOTE (30 Minutes)
6:55 pm: Report from YA groups across country (Fifteen Minutes)
7:10 pm: Nominations and Elections (45 Minutes)
7:55:  Closing words and Chalice Extinguishing

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