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I used rivergirl fishing TX. No, I have yet to use those products or any of the like. They worked. County seat: It does pretty well as far as I can tell. I have used the Nikwax on my ski pants and jacket.

Rivergirl fishing.

rivergirl fishing

rivergirl fishing

Rivergirl fishing. Jimmy Vaillancourt March 23, at 5:

rivergirl fishing

rivergirl fishing

Rivergirl fishing. I prefer the nikwax, the spray on mainly.

rivergirl fishing

rivergirl fishing

Rivergirl fishing. Mike March 23, at 6:

rivergirl fishing

rivergirl fishing

Rivergirl fishing. Used Nikwax wash-in on several items.

rivergirl fishing

Rivergirl fishing. And, no, I would not recommend Nikwax to anyone.

Rivergirl fishing. However, it is something I would consider for a jacket or such in otherwise good condition.

Rivergirl fishing. Oh yes, I got a pair of Goretex pants from !

Rivergirl fishing. I just have a rather run of the mill The North Face jacket.

Rivergirl fishing. Craig the tennis balls break up the clumps of dawn in the drying process and they help to distribute the down evenly in the buffles.

Rivergirl fishing. No, I keep trying new rain gear and never have one long enough for the DWR to need to be replenished.

Rivergirl fishing. Love Nixwax products.

Rivergirl fishing. Kelly Bass March 23, at

Rivergirl fishing. Wes March 23, at

Rivergirl fishing. Rico Tagliaferri March 23, at 9:

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  1. The fabric became stiff and breathability was reduced which in turn increased condensation inside the tent. William Parrish March 23, at 3:

  2. Eventually I just replaced the jacket. Ive been using Nikwax on my Marmot Precip jacket for a couple years now and have been pretty happy with it.

  3. Might experiment with it this summer. Logan Kidwell March 23, at 9: Share another experience before you go. The wind shirt was slightly improved from leaking like a sieve to shower-proof.

  4. Hang to asin girls big tits. I imagine if I had kept it clean and used rivergirl fishing product like this on it once or twice it may have lasted longer. Both products seem to work well. I have never used any of those products.

  5. Light and nice, but they only last one season. I actually never even considered treating my jackets. Lessons to be learned though….

  6. I prefer to use free and clear and vinegar for washing at a fraction of the price. Jim Dean March 23, at Is this attraction a good picnic spot? Write a Review.

  7. Keith Reester March 23, at 7: Dan Smith March 23, at 6: No, I have not used any waterproofing products as I am just starting out hiking.

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