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Like has already been said, in today's climate Somers would have a lot of support. Too bad she never returned to do a guest spot on the show. I have often wondered if Joyce ever realized Ritter used her sex videos fat ugly women get his own show. Later, they negotiated John's sexy anne schedeen intentionally leaving Joyce out of it; Joyce found out accidentally, and didn't speak to John for years afterwards. Spin offs were planned to go that way long before Three's Company ended.

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Sexy anne schedeen. He was the central character, like Bea on GG.

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Sexy anne schedeen. Or that tells us that she wasn't considered much of a commodity even during the height of the series.

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Sexy anne schedeen. She had a different name.

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Sexy anne schedeen. Three's Company was 8 years old at that point and the ratings had dropped significantly that last season.

Sexy anne schedeen. The jokes were sort of Burlesque-level.

Sexy anne schedeen. Larry's sister stayed with the trio in an episode that repeated the early Janet's sister episode, in which Larry jumped to conclusions Jack slept with his sister.

Sexy anne schedeen. I kinda felt bad for the guy.

Sexy anne schedeen. She did have her moments though.

Sexy anne schedeen. When was the last time you heard a word about Jennilee, Joyce, or Priscilla?

Sexy anne schedeen. The reason that Priscilla didn't enjoy her time on Three's Company was because of the sexist "boys club" atmosphere of the producers.

Sexy anne schedeen. R42, there were lots of hot actors on the show but in guest starring roles.

Sexy anne schedeen. People laughed at Chrissy and Jack, but they identified with Janet.

Sexy anne schedeen. What was apparently intended to be about all 3 instead focused on Somers.

Sexy anne schedeen. That ep showed an inconsistency because I think tantric sex on nintendo ds was said to be pregnant in the first ep, then when she came back the whole ep was about Jack worrying she was leaving her husband to move back in, no mention of baby.

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  1. With 8 seasons under her panty hose, she probably made a couple million from that project alone. It was her body all the teenaged boys masturbated to.

  2. Towards the end of her Three's company run. I don't really know what was considered hot in the 70s but he was universally attractive. Grey worm and missandei sex scene think most agree. She was horrible the last few years on the show though, they really made her beyond stupid, both verbally, mentally and physically.

  3. Larry was like the Stan Zbornak of TC. It was painfully obvious they didn't know what to do with Lana. The photos of that place are incredible.

  4. So Barnes playing opposite of that was smart. It ended in Reagan-erawith Ritter 36, DeWitt 35, and Barnes 30, playing people in their early-to-mid 30s. Free latina sex to see much an entitled diva and she was not just trying to get a simple raise. She's turned into one of those unfortunate older women who still dress like they're 25 and just look sad and ridiculous.

  5. R JD did disappear for about 7 years as noted above. Never one of my favorites. That soured the relationship with Joyce. For all of Suzanne's faults now, she was super smart back then.

  6. Reading R's post, I'm always heartened to see millennials talk about how much they love old TV shows. Did I suggest that?

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